Video tutorial to prepare your WInd On Leader for Popping and Spinning fishing.

A wind-on leader is a component used in sport fishing to increase the strength and durability of the main fishing line.

It consists of a section of heavier and more resistant fishing line, in which we will use 16-strand holow, (in this case our Delta brand) that is connected to the main line (in which we will use a shock leader) by means of a loop connection or a knot.

The wind-on leader is commonly used in saltwater fishing, especially when targeting large and powerful species.

The main advantage of using a wind-on leader is that it provides greater resistance to the abrasion and friction that occur when fighting large fish. By having a heavier, stronger line at the end of the main line, the chance of the fish breaking the line or damage to the line is reduced. In addition, the wind-on leader can facilitate the fish release process by allowing the angler or boat to get closer to the fish without having to bring the entire main line to the surface.

The wind-on leader is generally manufactured with durable materials, such as monofilament or high resistance fluorocarbon (in our web, in the catalog section, you can find quality materials for these assemblies such as Blackmagictackle shock leaders).

The length of the leader section can vary depending on the angler's preferences and the type of fishing being done. Some anglers may even use multiple wind-on leader sections of different lengths to suit different fishing situations.

In short, a wind-on leader is a heavier and stronger section of fishing line used to increase the durability and strength of the main line during sport fishing, especially in saltwater fishing.

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