Slide Slide AZ We work every day to satisfy the needs of our

customers, by means of

the highest quality, innovation

and design of our products.
Slide ondemand_video QUALITY TEST 1000 meters multicolour Fluorocarbon Clear 150/300 meters network 150/300 meters multicolor Hollow 16x orange CATALOGUE ondemand_video ENGLISH VIDEO ondemand_video FRENCH VIDEO ondemand_video ITALIAN VIDEO ondemand_video VIDEO SPANISH Slide 150, 130, 180 grams BLUECRAB JIGS! ZOKA 110, 135, 170, 220 grams 14, 23, 40, 60, 80, 135, 200 grs. TENYA TAI RUBBER ZOKA
40,60,80,100,150 grs. JIGS BLUECRAB
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Slide ECO NEWS In the world of fisheries, a large proportion of products displayed in shops are
displayed in the shops come in plastic packaging.
Unfortunately, they are thrown into the sea or river,
taking more than 500 years
to disappear, seriously damaging our only planet.
Our own design and suitable for the displays of our customers,
which are more and more united to our cause,
collaborating in the purchase of these articles
to contribute to the environment.
Slide g We aim to help train 30,000 children,
over the next 5 years, in Spain,
Europe and North Africa.
The main objective: To try to collaborate through
teaching for a better future in the respect of the environment
environment: rivers and seas
and the species they inhabit.
Enrolment in all training programmes is free of charge.
free of charge.

Who we are

At AZ Trading we work every day to satisfy the needs of our customers through the highest quality, innovation and design of our products.

We are distributors of sport fishing equipment, accessories and clothing from the best brands in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, ...

Our headquarters are in Alicante, with offices in Barcelona (Spain) and we have a distribution network in several European countries.

As we move forward in our work, we are tirelessly dedicated to testing materials in our facilities. Our approach extends beyond simply evaluating the strength or size of the elements; we strive to deeply understand the capabilities and limitations of each.

Our main objective is to get a complete picture of the strength and performance of materials under real-world conditions. By subjecting them to live fire tests, we can closely observe their behavior when faced with high stress situations. This allows us to obtain valuable data on their ability to withstand and resist adverse conditions.

We focus not only on evaluating their physical strength, but also on understanding their durability and reliability in different situations. These exhaustive tests allow us to ensure that the materials we use in our projects meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

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