Kids School Association

AZ Trading (Spain) is the main sponsor of this exciting project, KIDS SCHOOL, unique in the world.

We aim to help train 30,000 children over the next 5 years in Spain, Europe and North Africa.

The main objective: To try to collaborate through education for a better future in respecting the environment: rivers and seas and the species they inhabit.

In the coming decades, may our "KIDS" continue to enjoy the nature that is gradually being depleted.

It requires a strong effort from our entire team and a high degree of financial investment.

It is a difficult task, hundreds of hours of dedication in organising, looking for support, asking for the collaboration of monitors, thousands of small gifts for all the participants.

Enrolment in all training programmes is completely free of charge.

The basic programme has been described in brochures that are handed out to customers, friends, partners and yacht clubs.

It will last approximately 70 minutes, in which a large part of the time will be devoted to explaining the terrible impact of plastics and other materials on the environment (fish and plants).

As this is a living project, we will improve it as our experience and your suggestions grow.

We are convinced that the vast majority of our customers will support us with the project. We need all of them.

For further information, please contact association@ecokidsschool.es