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About us

At AZ Trading we work every day to satisfy the needs of our customers through the highest quality, innovation and design of our products.

We are distributors of sport fishing equipment, accessories and clothing from the best brands in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA,...

Our headquarters are in Barcelona (Spain) and we have a distribution network in several European countries.


We have exclusives of the best brands: Aftco, BlueCrab, Delta Fishing Lines, Centaur Angler's Choice, Frichy, GT Ice Cream, Halco Tackle, Momoi, Pelagic, Relix Fishing...


All our clothing carries a seal of quality that guarantees its technical characteristics. We work with the best brands in sport fishing. We have a product range of more than 5,000 high quality and innovative design references. Among them, ultra-light clothing with qualities such as sun protection, anti-mosquito protection or quick drying. The quality of our products is so remarkable that their qualities remain unchanged over the years, even if they are frequently washed or exposed to the sun.


We are backed by the quality of the brands we distribute, all of them leaders in the field of recreational and professional fishing. Their recognised prestige and fame make them top-level brands with distinctive characteristics over other similar products on the international market.

We have a Test Machine with a certificate of approval, with which we check one by one the real resistance of the fishing products we offer such as fishing lines (Nylon, Fluorocarbon, Braided, ...), hooks, accessories, ... In case of not complying with what the manufacturer indicates on the labels, we are forced to remove that product from our catalogue.


We have our own sales network to serve the European, North African and other Emirati markets.

AZ Trading is in the midst of an expansion phase. We would be pleased to present our products to you in your business and to consider a joint and future-oriented cooperation.

If you want our sales representative to contact you and explain our project to you, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.


At AZ Trading, we have been committed to the environment since our inception. Several of our initiatives focus on the care of our seas and rivers and we are continuously working to promote and improve our corporate social responsibility.

Projects such as the sponsorship of Kids School which is dedicated to the training of children in the care of the environment or the manufacture of cardboard boxes (Eco Pack) in all of our retail outlets, thus avoiding the use of plastic, mean that we contribute in a very direct way to making our planet a little bit better.

In addition, we participate in fundraising for environmental foundations by contributing part of our profits and, as a project of special relevance in 2020, we have created the awareness campaign #ConUnSoloGesto in which we invite everyone to participate.

With Just One Gesture, we can save space in our waste bins and contribute to generating less waste, which will result in less pollution. We simply have to try to reduce the size of brik containers, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, ...


Contact our sales representatives:

E-mail: / Telephone: +34 93 624 24 56

Spain (Balearic and Canary Islands):
RAÚL ROCA (+34 666 530 010).

Spain (Peninsula) and Portugal:
IGNACIO SEGADO (+34 617 821 711).

Sweden and Denmark:
NICOLAI BRANDT (+45 26 18 40 42) and RAÚL ROCA (+34 666 530 010).

RAÚL ROCA (+34 666 530 010).

North Africa:
RAÚL ROCA (+34 666 530 010).

Qtar, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia:
RAÚL ROCA (+34 666 530 010)

Other countries:
RAÚL ROCA (+34 666 530 010).

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