AZ Trading Catalogue 2022-23

Our 2022-2023 Catalogue incorporates several new products from our suppliers as well as the incorporation of other brands that we are adding to our distribution, such as BLUECRAB and DELTA LINES.

As we move forward in our work, we are tirelessly dedicated to testing materials in our facilities. Our approach extends beyond simply evaluating the strength or size of the elements; we strive to deeply understand the capabilities and limitations of each.

Our main objective is to get a complete picture of the strength and performance of materials under real-world conditions. By subjecting them to live fire tests, we can closely observe their behavior when faced with high stress situations. This allows us to obtain valuable data on their ability to withstand and resist adverse conditions.

We focus not only on evaluating their physical strength, but also on understanding their durability and reliability in different situations. These exhaustive tests allow us to ensure that the materials we use in our projects meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

We continue to work in the education of children in Spain, Europe and North Africa, with our important project "Eco Kids School Association". "ECO KIDS SCHOOL ASSOCIATION.

And on the other hand, we continue with the campaign #ConUnSoloGesto, in our social networks, with which we intend to raise awareness in society. By simply crushing boxes, packaging, cans,... we achieve more space in containers. That's why with a single gesture, we all contribute to the ecology and the general economy.


PELAGIC GEAR was founded in Newport Beach, California (2001), as a company deeply rooted in surfing, fishing and diving culture. It combines casual lifestyle clothing and performance apparel: hats, footwear, gloves, high-end polarized eyewear.

A premium, high-performance fishing brand dedicated to those who live, eat, sleep and breathe the ocean lifestyle.

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Stock - ATS PELAGIC 20/2/2024

Actual stock as of 2/20/2024, and new entry dates with all PELAGIC collections. More than 1000 models. Click below these lines and get to know these ATS lists.


BlackMagicTackle is a New Zealand company with over 2,000 product lines designed for the "crazed enthusiast" and casual angler alike. It is a specialist supplier of high-end terminal tackle, lines, hooks and accessories.

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Catalog HALCO TACKLE 2023-24

We are distributors of the well known Australian brand HALCO TACKLE. Halco Tackle Company began its commercial activity in 1950, when Hal Cooper, an engineer by profession, started making metal lures and fishing platforms in his small premises in Mosman Park, Western Australia. AZ Trading distributes its products to Spain and other European countries.

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FRICHY Catalogue

Since 1995, FRICHY has become the largest professional manufacturer and supplier of aluminium fishing pliers in China, with an annual production volume of 300,000 units. The first aluminium fishing pliers were born in FRICHY, combining innovative aluminium technologies with the original pliers manufacturing process.

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Centaur Anglers Choice is not only a brand but also a manufacturer. Its products are designed by a team of experienced anglers, and are manufactured in its 140,000 m2 factory with the latest technology, the most advanced machines and the highest quality materials and components. The products are also tested to guarantee quality assurance.

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centaur front cover

The Ako region, where Momoi products come from, is distinguished by its traditional Japanese "samurai spirit" which has helped decency, as well as persistence of original intent, become deeply rooted in its culture. The best fishing lines in the world are the result of the craftsman's pride and dedication nurtured by his culture and historical spirit.

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MOMOI Catalogue


AFTCO, which stands for American Fishing Tackle Company, has a long history in the fishing industry. Founded in 1958 in the United States, the brand has maintained a reputation for quality, performance and reliability over the years. As a family-owned company, AFTCO has managed to stand out in the manufacture of fishing tackle, especially oriented to the Big Game, trolling.

AFTCO's product highlights include:

  1. AFTCO Combat Harnesses and Belts: Designed to provide comfort and support while fishing for large species such as billfish, tuna and other large fish.
  2. AFTCO Tail Loop: Used for handling large fish, this tail loop facilitates safe release of the catch.
  3. AFTCO hooks: The brand is likely to offer a variety of hooks designed for different fishing techniques and types of fish.
  4. AFTCO Roller Rings: Essential equipment for fishing rods, roller rings help reduce friction and improve fishing performance.
  5. AFTCO Gloves: Designed to protect the angler's hands and provide a secure grip, especially when handling lines and fish.
  6. Curved Rod Handles: Ergonomic, curved handles can improve comfort and control while fishing.


AFTCO Catalogue