Weather and fishing.

Weather and fishing.

Have you ever stopped to think why it is so important to know the weather conditions before going fishing? Not only for the fishing results, but also for our safety and integrity.

Do you know the applications where you can check on the internet the sea state and the weather in our fishing area? On our website, we have them for you!

The most important factors influencing the weather conditions of our fishing trip are:

  • Water temperature
  • Wind
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Tide and phases of the moon
  • Swell

For example, fishing in a strong wind is not the same as fishing in a light breeze.

How does it affect us when casting from the shore or keeping the boat on our fishing mark? How does it affect the behaviour of the fish? All these questions we will try to answer below, the factors that most influence the weather in fishing are:

Rough sea and wind

Conditions not suitable for fishing with some exceptions. If you are surfcasting or bait fishing from the shore, you may have to be more attentive to the rod because the waves or the wind will move it and it can be detrimental to detect the bite of the fish. The wind has a negative influence if it is very intense or with VERY STRONG gusts, as it also affects the currents and movements of the seabed with the consequent snagging of rubbish or entanglements.

Water temperature influences fishing

This aspect has a great influence on the enjoyment of a productive day's fishing.

Fish, depending on the species, seek their natural habitat temperature, which they normally achieve by making deep migrations.

Temperature change affects fish in much the same way as it affects any animal, and even us. If a particular area is considered warm, the fish will be more likely to live there.

On the other hand, in cold areas, there are fish that are able to regulate their own temperature and tend to migrate to areas where the water temperature does not rise much, maintaining the initial cold contrast.

Depending on where the fish is, the temperature will be higher or lower, as it is not the same at the surface as at the bottom of the sea, whether it is too cold or too hot, the fish will not usually be very active in these situations.

Atmospheric pressure is a very important weather condition in fisheries.

Another point to take into account for a fruitful fishing day, the atmospheric pressure affects the behavior and activity of the fish, also the atmospheric pressure influences the wind, and taking into account what kind of atmospheric pressure we have in each moment we can predict what kind of wind we will have in days. A gradual drop in pressure usually means intense wind in the following days, while a rapid rise in pressure predicts an improvement in the weather.

When the tides rise and fall, Moon phases.

Tidal changes are usually times of activity for fish, which leads to more bites before and after the tidal changes.

Depending on the lunar phases, tidal coefficients will be higher or lower, affecting ocean currents and fish activity.

Fishing in moderate swell can even be beneficial.

If you're the type to go to the beach and take advantage of the day, buy a box of bait, or go to the jetty with your spinning rod and cast a few lures, make sure you have good seas first. Of course, it is not good to look for a day of absolute calm because the fish have little activity and it is also more difficult to fool them because they can see better.

There is also no point in fishing in very bad seas. Generally you will have rough seas, dirty seas, rough seas... and this is not good for fishing or for the fish as they run away from such situations.

There must be a back wind and good seas to make the most of your fishing trip.

What is the best season for fishing?

If you are in the Cantabrian or Mediterranean, summer is usually an excellent option, as except for extremely hot days, the weather is usually good for fishing. On the other hand, if you are in the Atlantic, these months are very windy due to the trade winds, and the best months for fishing are from mid-September to December.

In winter, except in tropical areas ,it is usuallymore difficult to fish because of the drop in water temperature and the bad weather.

Look for days that are generally sunny but not too hot, with a favourable wind or light breeze, and move closer to warmer months.

These are some of the tips we give you. But first of all you have to keep in mind that fishing is for fun, and bad weather days are dangerous days, so you have to be careful.

Check well the applications and all the information that the internet offers us, to know the weather and enjoy your day of fishing.

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Remember that it is our obligation to fish responsibly.

Don't leave rubbish in the fishing boat or throw it in the water.