There are many things to take into account for a successful fishing day. We could indicate more keys and techniques but here are some of the things you can see on our web www.aztrading.es

1. Be clear before you start what you want to fish for and how you want to fish:

Until you have a bit of experience it is better to focus on one type of fish and not go for all the fish at the same time. Before you go out fishing you should be clear about what species or species you are going to focus on that day, and once you are clear about that, see what equipment and what lure to use, in our catalogues section you can see.

So now you know, before you start fishing, spend some time looking for information about the best areas for the type of fishing you want to do, the most typical catches in the area where you are going to go, the characteristics of their prey, and the type of lures and equipment you can use to catch them.

This also has another benefit, you will learn twice as fast because you will go fishing with clear ideas and you will be able to focus on your fishing day without thinking if you are doing well or not, you will be more relaxed and that will allow you to enjoy more, have clearer ideas and even innovate and look for solutions if you don't get the expected bites.

2. Choose the right lure and equipment:

Predators attack our lures to feed or to defend their territory.

How to choose the right lure size?

When they are feeding, you should offer them lures that simulate the grass fish that live in those waters, but be careful, try to use lures that are the size of the grass fish that are present at that time of the year.

How many times have we been in the situation where we have been fishing with our lines in areas where predators are clearly feeding and we haven't had a bite? It's simply because they are eating something very different to our lures.

If you look closely, you can see what the fish are eating on the surface and adapt your rigs accordingly. When they eat to defend their hunting or breeding territory, it is possible that they will attack lures of colours and sizes that have nothing to do with the fish that live in those waters.

Knowing the feeding habits of the species to be caught will help you choose the right lure and improve your fishing trip.

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Remember that it is our obligation to fish responsibly.

Don't leave rubbish in the fishing boat or throw it in the water.