Exploring the Waters with Bluecrab's New Range of Tenya Lures

Immerse yourself in a unique fishing experience with Bluecrab's latest innovation: our new range of TENYA lures. Meticulously designed to deliver exceptional results, these lures take fishing to the next level.


Specialized Design: Each Bluecrab tenya lure is created with a specialized design to effectively attract fish. From its shape to its colors, every detail is designed to perfectly mimic natural prey.

Versatility: Versatility is key in fishing, and our new range of tenya lures is designed to adapt to various conditions and species. These lures are your ideal companion.

Quality Construction: Using high quality materials, we guarantee the durability and strength of each lure. The sturdy construction allows you to face any challenge you encounter on your fishing trip. in its construction, we use long-lasting luminescent, which attracts predators without a doubt.

Variety of Sizes: Available in several sizes, including 40, 60, 80, 100 and 150 grams, you can choose the lure that best suits your preferences and the type of bottom you are planning to fish.

Why Bluecrab:

Commitment to Quality: Bluecrab prides itself on offering high quality products that exceed the expectations of the most demanding anglers. Every Tenya lure is the result of our dedication to excellence.

Respect for the environment: We care about our environment. That's why, as with all our products, Bluecrab tenya lures are packaged and presented with environmentally friendly materials.

How to obtain them:

The new range of Bluecrab TENYA lures is now available in our network of stores and partners. Visit your trusted store and order them.

Simply visit to explore the collection.

Discover the art of fishing with Bluecrab innovation and get ready for an exciting fishing season with our new TENYA lures !

In summary:

-Unmatched versatility with five weight options.

-Aerodynamic design for precise sinking and effective recovery.

-Tough materials for exceptional durability.

Long-lasting luminescent

-Attractive colors and realistic details to increase the possibilities of capture.

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Good bow and good fishing!

Remember that it is our obligation to fish responsibly.

Do not leave garbage on the fishing boat or throw it in the water.