Christian Moreno González

"Fishing for me is much more than a hobby, it is a way of life. Everything around me is related to sport fishing, both in fresh and salt water. I attach great importance to the utmost respect for the wildlife and the environment I fish in".

Royer Cejas

"Getting up early without effort; preparing the equipment; visualising how the day will go; sharing with colleagues; getting in tune with the environment, the sea, the sea breeze; isolating yourself from everyday life, from stress, from possible problems; learning new techniques, knots, spots; enjoying the ecstasy after each bite; posing with the catch; feeling the satisfaction of returning it to the water alive, or sometimes tasting its exquisite flavour afterwards; recording all these sensations in your memory forever; discussing these and other battles with friends.


Marc Lloveras Espunya

"Fishing is my perfect tool to understand and comprehend the behaviour of fish".

Alberto "Niebla Sandra

"Fishing is my passion, I pick up a rod and it gives me life".

Pedro José Romero "Pedrito Fishing

"Fishing is my passion, I love catch and release, it's super nice. In fishing you learn something new every day and as my father says... The most important thing about fishing is to be fishing".