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La revista digital ANGLING INTERNATIONAL nombra KIDS SCHOOL & AZ Trading

Trade urged to back project to encourage next generation


An ambitious project to encourage the next generation of anglers is gaining ground across Spain and the rest of Europe.

Launched by Barcelona-based AZ Trading, a leading distributor of fishing tackle for major companies across the globe, including Relix, Pelagic, Halco Fishing, Black Magic, Sampo, AFTCO, Frichy and Centaur, the Kids School has already undertaken courses for 1,000 children aged up to 12 so far in its inaugural year. Over the next four years, it is hoped that the number of youngsters attending will exceed 30,000.

The courses not only cover the basics of fishing, but also encourages respect for waterways and the species that inhabit them. The initiative is the brainchild of Spanish angler and International Game Fish Association (IGFA) member, Lorenzo Roca, who has become increasingly concerned about dwindling numbers of young people taking up the sport and the contamination of the fishing environment. mostly from discarded plastic.

His son, Raul Roca, Principal at AZ Trading, said: “With support from the International Game Fish Association and AZ Trading, the project was born.

“AZ Trading is looking beyond buying and selling fishing tackle. We are committed to looking to the future. The initiative includes not only getting youngsters on the river banks or sea shores, but enjoying the sport responsibly without damaging the environment.

“If we do not teach them, future generations will not have any fish to target and will only see fish in aquariums.” All of the courses are run by members of IGFA and AZ Trading employees with the help of local fishing clubs.

The cost of the project over the next four years is expected to be €370,000 and is reliant on donations from those within the industry.

Companies wishing to find out more or pledge support should contact